Sony Betamax: Such Potential

Thanks to the very limiting budget of young military members I never did purchase that new, shiny, hip Betamax video recorder at the base exchange in Germany all those years ago, but boy did I come close. That may have been the defining moment that led to a life of tech adoption hesitation phobia. I had no issues with tech mind you, in fact, I quite enjoyed it, but it generally had to be well rooted and vetted before I would step aboard.

Well, thanks to the gentle prodding of a course curriculum in one of my Information & Instructional Design (IID) Courses I now stand upon the boarding platform of the Bloggisphere train, ready to ride it as far as this free domain carrier will allow…or at least ’til the end of the semester.

All of the get blogging how-to sites, and my syllabus, indicated that my blog name should be relative and appropriate. I recently succumbed to a major milestone birthday. Along the path to that point I picked up 3 Associates, a Bachelors, 2 Masters, and began work on my 3rd  (the IID), so I thought Career Learner was fairly appropriate.

This blog will attempt to chronicle my journey of discovery in the area of Tech Learning, both from lessons and ideas learned through my studies as well as through collaboration with my fellow students. I truly appreciate any constructive feedback you care to share.



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